S.B.C. Testimonials

Comments and testimonials from those who have taken part in S.B.C. Yoga courses, classes and retreats

Hristina Connor

“Zoe’s classes and yoga training method offer a blend of practical down to Earth instructions and compassionate energy I have been able to apply in my own yoga classes immediately.Her calming way of teaching focuses not only on an individual attention but goes beyond hands-on alignment techniques by touching our hearts thus making us aware of interconnectedness of the mind, body and soul.During Zoe’s classes I developed a capacity to nourish and restore my own energy and as a teacher, to convey the messages clearly through accurate demonstrations within a safe and healthy student environment.”

Asami Martens

“I met Zoe during my yoga teacher training in Byron Bay 2009. I was in shock after the first yoga class with her because it was dynamic and challenging, but I fell in love with her style and teaching right away. Her knowledge about the body awareness, Asana yoga techniques and the sequencing is incredible. When I practice yoga with Zoe, I always get an inspiration from her. Her continuous study towards yoga leads to creative and original classes. Zoe gives on going support to all of her yoga students. She gives care and compassion. Zoe creates beautiful energy in the classroom to healthy environment for students to look into themselves during the practice”

Carla Fergusson

“Zoe’s classes are a dynamic yoga encounter, full of body challenge and informative body movement education while sweat drips from your nose! Zoe’s evident self practise and and depth body mechanics knowledge base transform into a dynamic flowing yoga practise, and with her keen eye she provides precise adjustments to benefit individual body dispositions. She blends breath awareness and mindfulness both on and off the mat to make a complete yoga experience.”

Dianne Pratt- Pilates Instructor

“I have known Zoe for several years now and I have attended her yoga classes in Adelaide and Byron Bay. I asked Zoe to teach yoga at my Studio as I was very impressed with her attention to detail and her knowledge of the anatomy. Being a Pilates practitioner I am very focused on helping people to correct muscle imbalances in their bodies and to make them more aware of their own posture. Zoe has a wonderful way of giving everyone in her yoga class individual attention and encouragement with hands on alignment while still maintaining a beautiful flow throughout the class. I love the connection of the mind and body, bringing an awareness of the breath and working from the “inside” to the “outside” which is very similar to my Pilates practice. I have found my Pilates practice has benefited from doing yoga as my flexibility and focus has improved for which I must thank Zoe.”