What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa means ‘breath synchronised by movement’. It is sometimes called ‘Vinyasa Flow’ due to the way poses flow together through the connection of the breath

Vinyasa yoga combines traditional yoga postures connected together through key breathing techniques. This connection of movement to breath creates a powerful, meditative yet energetic practice.

It is a dynamic flowing practice similar to a dance. This flow creates heat in the body which leads toincreased circulation and sweat. The increase in circulation and the elimination of toxins through sweat increases the body’s purification process. This dynamic form of yoga helps to build strength, improve flexibility and calms and focuses the mind.

A Sun Salutation is an example of a Vinyasa sequence. Each movement is connected by an inhalation or an exhalation with the movement following the breath.

This style of yoga allows for a lot of variety and creativity on the part of the teacher. Classes can also be tailored towards specific goals or poses.

There are many forms of Vinyasa Yoga. Zoe teacher a Dynamic Vinyasa style, as its name suggests, is a dynamic strong flowing form. Classes are tailored to students level.